Blue & White (C15N102I000V00) Chem-Feed C-1500N Series Injector Pumps 0.68Gph/16.3Gpd;110V;V/Timer

USD 496.82

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Featuring Blue-White's Exclusive Heavy Duty Cartridge Valve Head

Specification GPH gallon per hour .68 GPD gallons per day 16.3 Voltage 110 V with Timer The revolutionary design of this pump head begins with BULLET Cartridge Valves constructed of tough PVDF Plastic

When you need a Tough, Accurate, Dependable Metering Injector insist on CHEM-FEED

BENEFITS Durable efficient pump heads All ball bearing gear motor plus permanent lubrication Quick Adjusting Output Mechanisms Efficient, Dependable Design Each Unit Factory Tested Field Serviceable Backed by an excellent limited warranty

Because we manufacture most of the components in our own plant, including the all ball bearing gear motor, we can offer CHEM-FEED metering injectors with any number of configuration, material, voltage and output rate options

CHEM-FEED injectors combine high-quality materials of construction and pride-of-workmanship, with flexibility and value

Each Valve has two Ceramic Ball Checks and, is double sealed with high grade Aflas O-rings

The double ball valve pump head design ensures enhanced priming capabilities, and it is exceptional for purging air and gas

We invite you to compare CHEM-FEED metering injectors with those of other manufacturers

You'll findCHEM-FEED Injectors are tops in benefits and value

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