Burndy Pat750Clidc, Patriot 12-Ton C-Head Crimper, 12V, 3.0Ah

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Burndy, PAT750CLIDC, Patriot 12-Ton C-Head Crimper with 12V Charger, Covered Head, 3.0Ah Battery The BURNDY® PATRIOT® PAT750-LI LithiumIon tool is approximately 25% faster than the previous models

Dies sold separately. Features Refined hydraulic system for ultra performance, speed and reliability Field proven electronics for ultimate reliability in the harshest environments Overmolded handle for comfort and improved grip allows for one-handed operation for advance, retract, and hold 18 volt Lithium-Ion batteries provide 2.5 times more charge/discharge cycles than traditional Ni-Cd batteries and provide 430 more lifetime work 30-minute charger controls current, voltage amp temperature to maximize battery life

All BURNDY reg battery actuated hydraulic tools provide a consistent, reliable connection every time

Each PATRIOT reg tool uses standard BURNDY reg dies and off-the-shelf connectors available world-wide

Forced air cooling fan cools the battery by forcing cool air through the battery's builtin air vents State of the art crimping head design, 355 deg head rotation lets user get into tight areas easier Allows use of standard BURNDY reg dies already in use Ergonomically balanced tool design eases operation Durable high impact formed carrying case provides superior protection and stores all accessories PAT750C-LI with rubber covered head is available

In addition to faster crimp cycles, the High Performance PAT750-LI has newly designed electronics that are field proven for ultimate reliability and proven to handle the harshest work environments

Supplied with a durable high impact formed carrying case to hold the tool, battery charger, two 18 volt Lithium-Ion batteries, tool retention lanyard, and die compartment to hold ldquo U rdquo die sets

The PAT750-LI features the BURNDY reg Y750 tool head, capable of using all ldquo U rdquo style dies, and incorporates a bearing and alignment guide for use on HYGROUND reg and other asymmetrical connectors

The PAT750-LI incorporates the latest engineering technology with a refined hydraulic system for ultra performance, speed and reliability

The crimp head rotates 355 ordm for operation in virtually any position

The redesigned field proven electronics provides the ultimate reliability in the harshest work environments

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